Monday, 30 November 2009

First Advent

What a weekend! Well actually the fun started on Thursday evening with a girl's night out to watch the New Moon movie. There were 9 of us (Claudia M, Krystyna C, Renée B, Tini L, Monique M, Jeanine M, Halinka R, Jasmine W and myself) and we had a good time. I had just re-read the book and knew the dialogue pretty well - much to Tini's surprise when I would finish the sentences of the characters!! It was fun. So much so, that Jordan and I went to see it again on Saturday evening. It was much better the second time around! :)

On Saturday the hubster went to visit his parents and they went to a classical concert in the KKL in Luzern. Melissa had to work and Aaron wasn't feeling well - hopefully not the swine flu! :(
I spent a lot of the day creating journal cards and "Week of:" cards for my Project 365 and my craft table looked like a bomb had hit it! I have to make 365 journal cards and 52 week cards - I have a lot of work ahead of me! Here a few that I made:

I can hardly believe that the 1st Advent Sunday is here - that means there are only three Sundays left until Christmas! My Christmas wreath is now display and Daniel proudly lit the first candle.By the time this Sunday rolls around I have usually baked all of my Christmas goodies but this year I am behind schedule. I have decided to wait until my sister, Barbara arrives and we'll do some baking then. It's always much more fun doing things together. Barb will come on the 12th and stay one week. I am looking forward to seeing her. Mum is on her way to New Zealand to stay with Keith & Sue for 6 weeks. I hope she has a good flight and enjoys herself. I am soooo envious!!! One day........

Hugs all,

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