Saturday, 30 January 2010

More snow!

Just when I thought the snow was going it came again with avengence!! I am slowly getting sick of it. Yes, I know it's good for tourism and all that but if I could have my way the snow would be gone with the snap of my fingers! You can see how bad/good life here is, if all I have to complain about is the snow. Everything else is more or less okay. The hubster is nearly better after his head cold and nobody else has been sick - fingers crossed it stays that way.
The weeks are just flowing one into another. I can hardly believe that January is almost over - where has it gone? Luckily for me I can tell you; all I have to do is go to my project 365 album .....hehe!!!
Week 4 has now been completed. This evening I said to Mr D, "I'm just going to print out my week's photos and journal them, it shouldn't take me long." Well, three hours and 4 phone call interuptions later, I am finished. Looking at the journal entries I can only say that we've had a rather uneventful week. Sorry to say it, but it's true. Week 4 of January wasn't anything special!
Here are some photos I took this week:

POTD for Sunday. These are the flowers that Mr D got for his concert on Saturday. They are so beautiful and look lovely on the table. (oops, just realised that these two photos were on last weeks blog - oh well, they are so pretty they can be seen twice!)

Daniel took the POTD on Monday - his Daddy. Then he took one of me making a salad for the hubster.

This was the weather on Monday. It was foggy and miserable but the snow was starting to melt :)
POTD for Tuesday - Brownies. I had so many eggs and I just knew that I had to do some baking. I'd made cookies on Saturday so I decided on brownies. I made one batch for us and another for our neighbours. Both parties appreciated them and I was happy to use up 8 eggs! :)

POTD for Thursday - Jordan shoveling the new snow off the driveway. Thank goodness we have Jordan. He is a star!

Here is Daniel eating brownies in the office - a tidied up office, mind you. It was such a mess, you couldn't even see the desk anymore except infront of the keyboard. I just wish it would stay tidy (big sigh). He was just starting a game of "Need for speed" and yes, he is in his underwear as his trousers got wet with playing in the snow. I tried to get him to at least put some pyjama bottoms on, but no, he was fine as he was!

Melissa wasn't feeling too well on Friday so she came home from work and spent the day on the sofa. Here she is playing with DANIEL'S Nintendo DS!!!! He wasn't too impressed that she took it without asking. But her logic was - he was at school and so she couldn't ask him :)

POTD for Saturday. We woke up to more new snow. Jordan shoveled again :) Can I say "I wish it were April"?

I made some more cards this week but I can't show the majority of them as they are going to be family birthday cards. But here are two that aren't family cards:

The hubster and the two younger kids are now off school for a week. We plan to go skiing a couple of times, go to the wellness park (sauna etc) and hopefully get a group of friends to go bowling on Friday to celebrate Mr D's birthday. Yes, the hubster will be 47 on Friday!!!! He's getting old....hehe!! Melissa flies out to New Zealand for 3 weeks on Wednesday evening with her friend Susanna. This place is going to be soooo quiet.

Hope you all have a great week. Until next time......

Hugs all,


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Capturing the moments of life

Doing this project of taking a photo per day has made me look at life in a new perspective. I am now taking photos of LIFE; the day to day little activities that wouldn't normally get noticed or documented. Seeing Daniel eating cereal is such a common occurence in our family life that nobody notices it, but that's exactly what I want to capture with this project - the moments of life.

When we look back in 20 years what will we remember? Now thanks to this project at least 2010 will be documented in detail.
It's fun to take photos and then decide which one will be the "POTD" (photo of the day). The kids are asked for their opinion and I'm glad they are interested in what goes into the album.

Monday's POTD
-->(Aaron watching TV with the family)
Friday's POTD
--> (Melissa's birthday roses)

On Wednesday I went to Stephanie's again to help out with the twins in Gais. She went shopping and left me with the girls. They were a little fussy and as I only have two hands I had to somehow sooth both of them at the same time, so somehow I managed to get both of them onto my chest where they settled down and fell asleep. The day was gorgeous again and I just had to take a shot of the Alpstein and Säntis. We live in a lovely part of Switzerland.

Saturday morning was spent making chocolate chip cookies for Christian L. He was in NY for a couple of months and I had some craft stuff sent to his place and he brought it home with him a few weeks ago. He was visiting his brother, Mark and I wanted to make some cookies to say thank you. The house smelled lovely and it was so hard not to eat any. I hate diets!!!!
There was only one left on Sunday morning - I have a lot of cookies monsters living in my house.

This was my POTD for Saturday

Thursday's POTD was my finished Tilda card. I'm very pleased the way it turned out. The stamps are so cute!

Saturday evening the hubster had a concert with his women's choir in Goldach. The evening was really entertaining and I really enjoyed myself. Roland is an excellent conducter and it was pure entertainment just watching him lead the women. They sang pieces like "New York, New York", "I will follow him", "Barbara Ann", "Haliluja" and so on. Of course, he got flowers, which meant I got flowers :) Aren't they pretty? The photo below is my POTD for Sunday.

After church Jordan invited his friend, Tizian Forrer back to our place for lunch and here they are gaming. Aaron is still in his suit!

Life is good and I am content.

Hugs all,


Blog facelift

My blog got a new facelift today. Green is my favourite colour at the moment; let's see how long it lasts! :)
What do you think?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Week 2 and 3

Today I went into town for two things, one to take Aaron's Macbook to see if it can be fixed and two, to see if anybody stocked Copic markers. Well it looks like they will be able to fix his laptop but they will have to install a new hard-drive ($) as the one inside was "mush" due to Aaron's cleverness in swiping a magnet (all be it by accident) across his Macbook. Just that you know, NEVER, NEVER let a magnet anywhere near your laptop.

But I had no luck finding any Copic markers in St. Gallen, all they had were Touch markers so I bought a couple of those so that when my Magnolia stamps arrive, I can colour in their faces. I can use my Distress inks for the rest. I ordered 5 stamps and they are so cute and the postage from Sweden was only Sfr. 5.10 - not bad at all! I can't wait for them to arrive!!!!

The view coming home from town was spectacular; I just had to stop the car and shoot this photo with my mobile phone. Sorry if the quality isn't good.

I have completed the second week of my project 365 and I am finding it quite easy. I just have to train my mind to remember to take a photo per day.

I thought I might as well load the two cards that I quickly made for Melissa's birthday. I was playing around with the distress inks, which are the background papers on the cards and I decided to emboss and distress the tags.

BTW, Melissa's party went well and they all seemed to have fun, although for our liking it was too loud for too long. At 3am I had to go and tell them to lower the level down and this was with earplugs. They were playing Activity!! Thank goodness the hubster and I could take a nap on Sunday afternoon, otherwise we would be dead. Although Mr D is now sporting a cold and is feeling quite out of sorts, so fingers crossed that he doesn't pass his bugs around! :)

Hugs all,


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Melissa turns 19

What's so special about the 13th January, you might ask yourself? Well, it's the day that our baby girl was born. Melissa Anne Diezi was born on a Sunday at 5.10 pm after a very long 15 1/2 hours of labour weighing 3450g and 50 cm long. She had blue eyes and dark hair.
Here she is at 3 weeks:
Here she is at 6 months:

And now she is 19! Where on earth did the time go? It only seems like yesterday that we were celebrating her 18th birthday and what do you know, it's January 13 again!

She took the day off work and spent it leisurely. She got up at 9.30 and took a nice bath and then we had breakfast together - croissants! She's asked for mexican for lunch so I made some chicken tortillas and we made wraps. After lunch, we went into town to do some birthday shopping. She'd already had her main birthday present in November - some special shoes for work - Joya shoes to help with her back problems. Since wearing these she hasn't had any more backaches. They are a sister company to MBT shoes.

So after dragging a "screaming" Daniel out of the house, we went into town to do some girly shopping - poor Daniel. Well it's not my fault that it was Wednesday afternoon and he didn't have school. Jordan had gone to a friends house and I didn't want to leave Daniel alone.
She got some clothes and some make-up and some very expensive Estée Lauder Idealist skin refinisher. I hope it does its job! :)
When we came home we had some cake - a black forest gateaux - and then she left for Institute.

She is having a party/sleep over on Saturday and has invited about 15 of her friends. We're getting rid of Daniel and Jordan so we'll have the space to put people. It's Singles Ward on Sunday and they will all have brunch at our place and go together. I'll let you know how we survive - thank goodness I've got ear plugs! :)

I'm off to tend Stephanie's twins this afternoon.....I'm excited and anxious at the same time.

See you later.



Saturday, 9 January 2010

Project 365

There are rare times when I wish that I lived in the US and most of these times are connected with crafts and scrapbooking. Most things that I want I can get on eBay and postage isn't too bad due to the low dollar/swiss exchange rate. But there are times like at the moment when I can't get what I want because they are just too expensive to ship. For example, I saw "Project Life" on Becky Higgins blog and knew that I wanted it. The kit is only $39.95 and for what you get, is really decent. I had a look to see what shipping to Switzerland would be and could you believe it, it was $118! What - how much?!
I was so frustrated! I find something that I really like and know I could do and only the cost of getting it here was stopping me! ARGGHHHH!!
I put my thinking cap on and while talking to a friend, came up the idea to buy one anyway and have it sent to David and Ann's in Utah and have Mum bring it home with her in May. She is planning on visiting me in July (first of all she wanted to come in March but I told her she had to wait until after her US visit so she could bring some stuff over for me!!). BTW, postage to Utah was only $13 - quite a difference eh?
The idea was good but not brilliant as it meant that I couldn't start the project until next January. What to do now?
Well, I put my thinking cap back on and came up with a compromise. Becky Higgins had made a kit last year called Project 365, so I emailed her and asked her if she could send me some pdf files of the journal and week cards from last year's kit, which she gladly, and from my side gratefully did.
I bought a 3 ring scrapbook binder and some 4x6 photo refills and decided to make my own "Project 365" with Becky's journaling and week cards which I would print out. It'll be a lot more expensive to do it this way but better that than nothing.

I couldn't decide whether to start on January 1st, which was a Friday, or to wait until the Sunday to start the first full week of January; I decided to go for the Sunday.
I couldn't wait until the week was over to start filling the album, so I took what I had and got cracking on Friday. It was fun to journal my thoughts to the different photos, even if the journaling is small. I wonder how I will do with this project, whether or not it will get too much for me. Time will tell.

This is my title page. It's strange that the lighting on my flash has made the bottom right card a different colour to the card on the middle left - they are actually the same colour. The one on the left is the true colour. Anyway......

I'm going to take my camera to church with me tomorrow and see if I can find a "picture of the day" there. Wish me luck!

Hugs all,


New Year - 2010

Christmas is over with and the new year has begun. Welcome 2010!
I wonder if we are going to say "two thousand and ten" or "twenty ten". I think I'll post a question on Facebook and see what people think. I just asked the hubster and he's going with "Twenty ten".

We celebrated New Year's Eve with friends (Melissa and Josua were at YSA Snowcamp). We ate, played games, goofed around and had a generally good, fun time. (Who needs alcohol?!?)

Elias and Jordan and playing around with Renée's cushions

Playing Tabu (Daniel and Rouven) - the girls won!!

The hubster and I

Krystyna and I

Opening the bubbly!

Jordan and Elias - Elias looking a bit tipsy with his non-alcoholic drink :))

Krystyna and Curdin

Aaron in his party get-up.


Curdin and Wolfgang

Even Honey, the dog had to party!

We left at 02.30 and as you can see from this picture of Wolfgang and the hubster, we were all tired!
I can't believe that I didn't take a picture of Renée - what am I like! I'll ask Wolfang and Curdin if they took any of her.

New Year's Day was spent being really lazy; we didn't get out of bed until lunch time!
The rest of the holidays were spent in much the same fashion. Late to bed, long sleep ins and not much in between! Absolutely lovely!

The kids went back to school on Monday 4th January and normal life started once again. Daniel and I were up at 6.40 reading the Book of Mormon - that was tough believe me! I think I took a nap in the afternoon, I was so tired. I love having this one-on-one with Daniel; it's our special time together. At the moment we are reading in Mosiah where King Benjamin is talking to the Nephites from his tower. It's wonderful to see him understanding the promises that the Lord has given - Keep the commandments and you will be blessed.
We really are blessed! The hubster is now into his 5th year as director of the music school in Rorschach. He is happy and is balanced; the icing on the cake would be for him to be able to perform again.
I've been working on my Project 365 album this week. Once I've uploaded and printed out the photos and journaling I'll post it on here.

Hope you all have a successful 2010.

Hugs all,