Monday, 9 August 2010

Back to school

The day that everyone has been dreading for weeks finally arrived today - the "Back to school" day!
The hubster is now into his 6th year as music school director, Aaron into his 2nd year as an IT apprentice, Jordan in his 2nd year in secondary school and Daniel has just started his last (6th grade) year in primary school. WOW! For the next 6 weeks it'll be just Melissa and myself at home until she starts her studies mid September and then it'll just be me again :(

We really missed the kids last week. We didn't notice it too much while we were away but once we were back at home, we really noticed how quiet it was without them. Their bedrooms and bathrooms were constantly clean and tidy (that was really nice) but it just wasn't the same without them. We are not ready to have an "empty nest" especially not all at once! Don't get me wrong, we really enjoyed each other's company but we just missed our kiddies.

Melissa came home an evening earlier than the boys, so we took her out to dinner to celebrate her graduation. We had a lovely evening where she told us about her "adventures" in YSA camp. It's so good to have one-on-one with our children.

Now comes the trial of settling into a "normal" routine once again. I wonder how long it'll take me this time? Well I guess there is no time like the present - I haven't been to the gym since June - so I'm off to torture my body with a Fat Burner session. I hope I can walk tomorrow!!!


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