Sunday, 2 January 2011

Christmas / New Year

Who would believe that a year can go by so quickly! This has been the quickest year yet. I wonder what 2011 will hold for us? Are you ready for a new beginning? Have you made any resolutions?

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We sadly didn't take many photos and that was with the hubster having a new camera! The snow had nearly all gone but it returned for Christmas giving us a "White Christmas".

Music School Rorschach-Rorschacherberg looking out onto Lake Constance
 Our back garden full of new snow

  The view out of our living room window

The hubster went on a snow-shoe walk to Gäbris
 ......just beautiful.....

Christmas Eve 

 Our four kids - just look how quick they are growing up!

 Christmas Eve meal with Roland's sister Michèle  - eating fondue chinoise - the kid's favourite

 Playing with the new Wii
 Daddy and his girl

On Friday morning we drove to Basel/Dornach to spend the New Year's Eve with our friends. We enjoyed our time catching up, eating good food and having good conversations - what more does a person need! :) We didn't hear anything from Daniel and Noah for the whole two days. They just played in Noah's room and went unnoticed! We went to Arlesheim Dom just before 11 and listened to a lovely organ concert and then we listened to the bells ring in the New Year. WELCOME 2011!
Poor Jordan wasn't feeling well and missed it all as he was in bed with a raging temperature with a cough and a bad cold. He and Aaron had to share a double bed so we hope that he hasn't passed anything on to Aaron as he is just recovering from the cold and cough he had!
On 1-1-2011 we had a lovely sleep in. Just the right thing to do when you are on holiday - right? After lunch the four adults went on a walk along the river Birs......

This is the river that the hubster used to jog along when we lived in Münchenstein and he really misses it

Finally a picture of me....and our friends, D & P

The kids stayed at home and watched TV and played games. Jordan was feeling a bit better.....thank goodness. Here he is with Romina.

 Daniel with Noah.....I don't think their hairs' had been combed yet.....

 Mama and Papa with Safira

I don't know where Aaron and Tizian had disappeared to when we were taking photos but they were around somewhere. Dario (their eldest) had gone skiing and Melissa was at YSA Snowcamp. We had a good time and enjoyed our start to the New Year. Once again we say goodbye to another year and welcome in a new one. I wonder if this one will go by as quickly as the last one?

School starts again tomorrow 2011........ BRING IT ON!

Happy New Year to you and yours!


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