Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The wanderer returns

I'm back! I don't exactly know where I went to but I'm back :)

I had a weird week last week  - Daniel was sick with a sore throat and high temperature and was home for the entire week, and Jordan was away on a school sports camp. My normal routine was disrupted and it felt like I was on a different planet. Daniel "forced" me to play Spongebob Monopoly twice (I beat him both times) and not much housework was done. We all missed Jordan and it was unnaturally quiet, which was strange as Jordan isn't really a noisy person. He had a fun time - he got a little sunburnt and came home with muscle ache from so much sport. They went wind-surfing, canoeing, hiking, they played soccer, uni-hockey, went roller blading and other "tiring" activities :)

Ahh bless - look how tired he looks !

On Wednesday I came into the office where Daniel was watching an episode on Yugioh on YouTube and found him cutting a hole in his pyjamas with some scissors. I called out to him to stop and he hilariously answered, "it's the scissors - take them away from me - it's their fault - they just make me want to cut!!"
He was using my Fiskars scissors and he is drawn to them as the handles are so soft. I thought it was so funny. Luckily he was wearing old and outgrown pyjamas!!

On Thursday and Friday I made a countdown calendar for a friend of mine whose son has just gone on his mission. This took a lot of time and concentration but I was really happy with the result. I'd seen one on a blog and thought that the idea was great. I'd asked Ann if she'd seen anything like it in any of the shops in Utah but she hadn't so I thought "why not make one myself!". So I did! 

I'll be back soon to tell about our weekend.

Hugs all,



  1. I LOOOOVE the countdown - way to go, Rebecca! One of my brothers just got back from his mission two days ago, and we've got another one leaving at the end of the year! :)

  2. how did you manage to get 7 numbers on a 6 sided cube??

  3. Well actually you need more than 7 numbers, you need the numbers 0-9. A mission has 730 days so I had to work out how many digits I needed - for example I only needed 2 eights and 2 nines as 730 was the highest number and I could turn the 6 over to make into a 9. I had to make 4 number blocks to get all the numbers that I needed and in the correct sequence. It was tricky to work it out but it fit perfectly. If I'd have had one more number to ft on then I would have been in trouble :)