Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Melissa had another afternoon at the hair stylist in preparation for the exam next week (she is a hair model for her friend) and came home with another hair colour. It's so much better than the black-brown she tried out in New Zealand. I've lost count how many different colours she has had in the last year but she is having fun!

(I apologize for the bad quality of the photo. We still haven't got the auto-focus fixed on Roland's camera and I'm still waiting for the new battery recharger that I ordered for mine)

This is actually Melissa's natural hair colour - a dark blonde/light brown/goldenish colour - and I like it! :)
(this picture was taken 2 years ago)

Talking about other changes:
  • "Congratulations Aaron!" Aaron passed the road theory exam this morning (finally!) and can now get his plates for his motor bike which has been sitting in the garage since last October (he got it for his 17th birthday). He can hardly wait to be independant and have his own set of wheels, even if there are only two of them! I'm off to buy him a helmet tomorrow. I hope he doesn't smash his bike within the first week!!!
  • Melissa's friend, Josua leaves for his mission on Friday and tonight at Institute is the last time she will see him for two years. He's going to the Germany Berlin Mission and is the first of their group (those born in 1990/1991) to leave. How did our kids get so old so quickly? His girlfriend, Roseanne is going to find it really tough but we are all glad that he has made the choice to serve. If Aaron does decide to serve a mission then the earliest date that he could leave would be in 2013. I know that seems a long time away but I imagine it will come quicker than we expect.
  • This coming Friday morning will be the last time to get up at 05.15 for early morning seminary until it starts again at the end of August! What a lovely thought! I sooo love my sleep......
  • Since hurting my arm I realise that I took my body for granted. I have been blessed with a healthy body and have never had anything seriously wrong with me. (Except for childbirth, I've only ever stayed overnight in a hospital twice.) I don't like the limitations this injury has on my body, I don't like the pain and I'm sick of moaning about it. (I suppose Roland is sick and tired too!) Change isn't always good.....

Just a thought while writing this......someone had better take these almonds away from me, otherwise my body will be doing some"changing" into a larger clothes size!! ;)

Hugs all,


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