Saturday, 31 July 2010

Unpack, wash and repack

We are home once again! We returned from our 3 1/2 week trip to the UK on Tuesday and have been taking it a bit slowfor the past few days. We drove through the night and the hubster was amazing. My eyes started drooping at around 2am but he just drove and drove until we arrived home safely at 4am. Poor Aaron had to go to work at 7.30am as he had mixed up his holiday dates. Amazingly, he survived the day quite well. Oh, to be young again! :)
We really enjoyed ourselves in the UK and managed to pack an awful amount of things and places into the three weeks: Hastings, Stonehenge, Bath, Bridgend/Cardiff, Redditch, Birmingham, Worcester, York, Sunderland/South Shields, Windermere (Lake District), Warrington/Southport, Alton (Alton Towers), and London.  I will be giving you a re-cap of our trip in 3-4 different blog entries as it'll be too long for just one. I'll do that tomorrow afternoon as I haven't got time today as I have to get the kids stuff ready for camp on Monday. This is the first time that all the kids will be away leaving hubby and myself ALONE!  COOL!

I'll leave you with a photo the hubster took of us in the one of the many tube stations in London:

Until later......



  1. You look great! Glad you had a fantastic time in England. Party time with the children gone though I would choose some sleep.

  2. Sleep sounds good to me ;)