Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Melissa's graduation

Melissa graduation was on Friday evening and we are so proud of her. She had a few rocky years in middle school and we know how much hard work she has invested to get this specialised diploma ("Fachmatura" in German). The next step is a bachelor's degree in nursing which starts in September. She will continue working at the hospital until the end of July and then she has 6 weeks holiday! She deserves it :)

The next three photos are funny.

The first one: "Mum!! Do you have to?!"

"What! A photo!?"

"Oh, ok.......posing smile!" Melissa and Michaela (Michaela did her internship in Kenya!!!!)

Melissa receiving her diploma:

The graduation ceremony took place in the village church in Trogen (where the school is located) - some village church, eh?

Photos after the ceremony:

One very happy Melissa

 Melissa and Benjamin (her friend from church who also graduated)

I have never noticed a resemlance between Melissa and myself before, but after seeing this photo of her in that pose I saw ME! Wow!

I took some photos of Jordan today (he has a new haircut) and I'll see if I can post them before we leave for England on Friday. My thoughts from last week are going to have to wait until we come home!




  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Congratulations, Melissa! (One down, right?) :) Have fun in England!

  2. Congratulations to Melissa! Also Congratulations to both of you! It is hard work getting these one through school. How are you guys? My children still miss Switzerland!