Thursday, 7 October 2010

A job well done

My mother deserves a certificate and it should say: "This is to certify that Betty Gray climbed and walked around the Lünersee in Brand, Austria. Well done!"
What an adventure we had! After a miserable Tuesday (weather wise), Wednesday turned out lovely just like Monday's weather. The hubster wanted to take us to a mountain lake in Brand, Austria (about an hour away from home) that he'd visited lately with work colleagues. He was so impressed with it he wanted to show it to us, so off we went. 
Brand lives off tourism. It's a ski resort in the winter (The hubster took the boys skiing there in February) and a walker/hiker's paradise during the rest of the year. To get to the lake we had to take a cable car up. The hubster wanted to walk up so we split off with Mum, Daniel and myself (Jordan is at Lake Garda in Italy with friends) taking the cable car and him walking. 

This was taken on the drive up to the cable car station. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn yellow and gold. Autumn is so pretty.

I took this photo from the cable car. The little white dot within the red circle is actually the hubster on his ascent up to the lake.
 The Lünersee cable car: (sorry it's a bit blurred)

 Waiting for Roland

 A wind swept and sun blinded Mum amd I

This is the left hand side of the lake looking out from the restaurant and the most strenguous part of the whole walk. The rest of the walk around the lake is flat but this bit you have to climb over. The hubster wasn't sure whether Mum would be able to walk it but he let her decide. Looking from the restaurant it didn't look too difficult and mum thought it wouldn't be too hard for her.
 The view looking to the right from the restaurant. Isn't the turquoisey green of the lake just gorgeous?

The sign at the bottom said it would take 1 hour to walk up but the hubster actually only took 35 minutes! So once we'd taken the short journey up we sat down at a table at the restaurant and played Yatzee until he arrived. (I soooo need to cut Daniel's hair!)

We decided to have lunch right away and then walk. Mum ordered "Schnitzel and pommes frites" and I've never seen such a large schnitzel before. Believe it or not, she ate it all!

After being fed and watered we set off on our adventure...... up and up......

 Mum having a break.........

The view back down to the restaurant. 

Daddy and Daniel......always ahead of us! Daniel had originally not wanted to come. Hiking is not his favourite pasttime especially without Jordan but we somehow managed to get him to come with us and as usual, he enjoyed himself. Here he is looking over the lake with the binoculars........

The view back down to the restaurant from the highest point of our hike:

 On our way down.....Congrats Mum, you did it!

 Just over half way....

 Nearly two thirds round the lake.

The hubster decided to walk ahead of us and then walk back down. We took our time and went down with the cable car and joined him at the bottom. I am so proud of my mother and I believe she is too! Since her fall last December in New Zealand, she hasn't done a lot of walking and even though she was tired by the time we got back to the car, I think she is glad that she attempted and succeeded in walking this lake. Way to go Mum! By the way, she was asleep on the sofa at 7.30pm........

I now have a sun and windburned face and look like a panda bear......way to go Rebecca for not wearing any sunscreen.......

Til next time.


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  1. Those views are stunning. The Schnitzel has me drooling. There is restaurant across from the St. Gallen Uni that serves Schnitzel that is as big as a plate. It is enough for two to eat the only bad thing is it cost a fortune. Glad you are having such a good time with your mum. Is school out this week?