Sunday, 14 February 2010

My boys

Last Sunday after arriving home from church I asked my boys if they would pose for some pictures for me. What turned out are the following photos. I haven't edited any of them and have added all of the ones that I took. Have fun looking at them.

Aaron asked me to take some photos just of him:

It was funny, sometime last week Jordan disappeared into his room and I didn't hear a thing from him for hours and when he came out, he brought this with him. Isn't it cool? Who says lego is dead. Jordan is 14 and I think it's great that he can still be so creative.

I skyped with Melissa on Thursday and it was good to hear her voice and to see how she is doing. She has died her hair again!!!!! This time it's a blacky-brown!!! ARGGGHHHH - I don't know what kind of tick that child has with her hair but it's starting to annoy me ! Anyway - ranting over - she is having a great time - and everybody is happy. Can you believe that she has been gone for 1 1/2 weeks already. They are off back-packing in a national park from Monday until Thursday and then they are off to Dunedin where Louisa is studying at the Uni there.
She has already spent loads of money!!

For me this week flew by and the days just flowed into one another. My week has been orientated around health and nutrition and I spent quite a few hours compiling different articles on nutrition into one booklet. I never can remember what consists of unsaturated or trans fats,etc. so now I have all I need or want to know in one place. I took at trip to the health store on Saturday and bought some oils, grains and flours and also a flax seed bread to try out. I just have to scrape off the sesame seeds - I don't like them! :(

Wednesday was hilarious. I decided to do a major clean-up of my kitchen and when Mr D and Jordan came home, both of them made the same comment, "What happened here?" and Roland also asked me "Have I come to the wrong house"!!! What a cheek!! You would think that my kitchen was messy all the time. Well, it would be tidier more often if certain people would tidy up after themselves!!
I asked Roland if I should make it messy, so he would feel at home and he said, "Yes!!"

I guess the time will come when I will have a tidier kitchen quicker that I would wish for and when that comes I'll probably want to swap tidy kitchens for my kids back at home. Such is life!

My picture of the day today is a photo of our ward primary presidency. Me (1st counselor), Claudia M.(president) and Ruth M.(2nd counselor). Claudia and Ruth are sisters-in-law; they are both married to brothers. We are a good team. (Although the kids today were little devils !!)
I'm off to Stephanie's again tomorrow to tend the twins but first I'll be off to the gym for a session of aerobics. I hope you all have a lovely week.

Hugs all,


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  1. You have a good looking family. I like the 6th picture from the top, the first one with all of the boys plus Roland. :)