Friday, 5 February 2010

A busy week

This week has been busy. The two younger kids and the hubster have been off school and we have been enjoying the time together.
Sunday morning didn't get off to a great start as we were running late. Aaron got up at only 08.20 and we usually have to leave by 08.35, so you can imagine things were a bit hectic! As Aaron was in our bathroom, Mr D had to go down to the boys bathroom to fix his tie. I thought it was so sweet to see both father and son fixing their ties together. I just had to take a photo! (the quality is bad, I know!)

We got to church at 08.55 and I jumped out of the car and forgot about the snow and ice and promptly slid and fell over. I fell on my right side and hurt my shoulder. It has given me a bit of pain this week but it is managable; now it just aches. Church was ward conference, so I didn't have to do anything except listen - that was nice.
In the afternoon, (after making a batch of cookies) I went to Julianne's surprise baby shower. I could only stay a couple of hours as I had to pick Jordan up from the Conrad's but the time I spent there was fun. Julianne's due date was 7th February but the doctors decided to start things earlier. She went into hospital on Monday (1st) for a planned C-section on Tuesday (2nd) morning. Tini Lauener called us all up on Friday and she organized the surprise party for her.

Tini made a diaper cake - isn't it cute?

A ton of food - I imagine Etienne, Julianne's husband is still eating it some of it now!


Madelein and Courtney



Tini's son Joni

Roseanne playing the "guess what chocolate is smeared on the diaper" game. Even though we knew that it was chocolate, it was still kind of gross holding the nappy/diaper up to our noses! I got all them right - mars, twix and milky way! Yeah - I know my chocolate!!

Jasmin and Jenny having fun with their diapers/nappies! :)

On Monday I had to get Melissa's laundry finished so she could pack when she came home from work. I ironed for most of the day and my shoulder was really killing me! As I was housebound, Roland took the boys sledging and they were out all afternoon leaving me to get my tasks done in peace :)

On Tuesday we decided to go skiing and went to Krumenau in Toggenburg, a small family ski resort 45 mins. away from home. The weather was okay but the snow conditions were perfect; soft powder snow. We were there for about six hours and had a great time and I only fell over once!On Wednesday evening Melissa flew off to New Zealand. Can you believe it? My baby girl on such a big adventure? She and her friend Susanna will be in NZ for three weeks and will be staying at my brother, Keith's place in Christchurch. We decide to drive the girls to the airport and we picked up Susanna and her mother, Maria on the way. We left home at 17:45 and got to Zürich airport around 19:10. We met up with the Boos family who were saying goodbye to their daughter, Daniela who will be in Australia for the next 2 1/2 months to improve her English. All three girls were on the same flight to Dubai and even got to sit next to each other!
Susanna's luggage was heavier than her allowed 30 kg weight limit, so things got a bit heated while she had to empty out three kilos of "stuff" before they could check in. Luckily Melissa only had 26 kgs! We left home with plenty of time to spare but by the time they finally checked in it was 20.30 and it was time for them to make their way to passport control to be able to get to their gate in time. The gate opened at 21.05 and their flight to Dubai was planned to take off at 21.45. We said our goodbyes and off they went! Boo hoo!
I was so mad at myself that I'd left my camera at home on the table. I'd gotten it ready and with Melissa leaving everything to the last moment, things turned a little hectic and I forgot it! At least I had my phone with me and was able to take at least one photo of the girls while they were waiting in the check-in line. I took some photos with Roland's camera but Melissa took that with her, so I'll have to wait for those photos.
Melissa called us on Friday morning letting us know that they had arrived in Christchurch safely and that everything had gone well. There was no problem with any of the flights (stopovers in Singapore and Sydney) and that she was happy with the standard of Emirates. I am glad that she in such capable hands and am grateful for Keith and Sue for having them stay.

On Thursday the hubster wanted to go skiing again but I didn't want to. So he and the two boys went together. They went to Brand in Austria which is just under a hour away from here and had a super time. This time the weather was fantastic, and the hubster said that the boys improved their skiing techniques quite a bit. I love it when the boys spend time together.
I was happy to have the day to myself. No cooking for anybody and no specific time to be home! I read in bed until 10:00 and then got myself ready to go into town. I got the boys' present for their dad (a cd voucher) and also got one from myself; I got him a new pullover. He'd already got his new planner last week. After doing some grocery shopping I took advantage of my spare time and went to visit Julianne and baby Edison Taft at the clinic. He is so cute! All he does is sleep and she has a hard time waking him up and keeping him awake to eat. A mother's dream, right?!

I thought it funny that all of us are in blue/turqouise.

Friday the husbter turned 47! Doesn't that sound old? It may sound old but he isn't.
For his birthday treat, he wanted to go to the new spa in Bad Ragaz, so that is what we did. Aaron had taken a day off work, so we left all three boys together and we went to spoil ourselves.
It was so relaxing and it felt like a holiday. We were there for nearly 6 hours and we slept for at least 1 1/2 hours of that. We swam, we went in the saunas and steam baths and then relaxed on the beds that were there, then we swam some more. We came home thoroughly relaxed.

For dinner I cooked us all some rib-eye steak with green beans and a salad. For dessert, I'd made a mississippi cake (made on Thursday evening) and that was eaten with lots of fresh cream.
Roland in his new pullover.

Well that was my week and what a busy week it was. I am now looking forward to a lazy weekend. Perhaps I can finish my book........

Hugs all,


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  1. I don't know where to start! :) I loved reading about Melissa heading off to New Zealand! That's so cool that all three girls got to ride together to Dubai. What is Melissa going to be doing in NZ? Man, that would be SO FUN! Happy birthday to the old man, too. :) Glad you two got to have some time away to relax - that spa looks amazing!