Saturday, 27 February 2010

Spring is in the air

I woke up this morning and felt the change in the weather; I could feel Spring in the air and it felt so good. It makes me want to jump around like a new born lamb as I feel the new energy pulsating in the air. I have come to the conclusion that I could just skip over the winter season and do very well with only spring, summer and autumn, but our Creator obviously felt that winter was necessary so I guess I'll have to live with it or emigrate to a sub-tropical climate (which I don't see happening, do you?).
It's good to have Melissa home. The dynamics in our home have found their balance again and the boys are being bossed around, like normal! She apparantly didn't sing a alot while she was away but yesterday after she had unpacked, she took a shower and did her normal thing, which is singing in the shower. Yes, it's good to have Melissa home.

She had a wonderful time and I am so happy for her for the new experiences that she has been able to make. Hearing the things she did, it made me realise that she is no longer a child but an adult, and I am happy to see the growth process that she has made in the past six months. I'm happy to hear of the re-bonding that Melissa has done with her cousins, especially Louisa who is only 5 months older than Melissa. It was easy for me not to worry too much as I knew she was in capable hands, being under the care of my brother Keith and my sister-in-law, Sue. Big thanks to them for letting Melissa and Susanna stay, and for taking such good care of them! Melissa would be back in NZ in a flash!

Susanna, Melissa and Louisa at a Valentine's
danceI imagine that a trip like this would also strengthen Melissa and Susanna's relationship. I am looking forward to hearing about their trip in more detail once Melissa has slept off her jetlag and has gotten a copy of all the photos that she made which are on Susanna's laptop. Just a little piece of info of what they did: they went bungey jumping from 134m high, which is the third highest bungey jump in the world, and went sky-diving jumping out of a small aircraft at 5,000m. When I told the hubster he said, "she's crazy!" and "she's definitely your daughter!". He couldn't believe that somebody who is his flesh and blood could do something so wild! It was quite funny to watch and listen to his reaction.
Melissa and Susanna at Z├╝rich airport - tired after their long journey but very happy and still joined at the hip!

Life returns to normal for Melissa on Monday when she returns to work. I imagine this coming week will be very tiring for her.
Daniel and Jordan have been off school due to a tummy bug. Daniel came home from school at lunch time on Tuesday looking as pale as a ghost and made quite a few trips to the bathroom to empty the contents of his stomache - poor boy. I hate it when the kids are sick, there is very little you can do for them! Jordan was sent home from school on Thursday with tummy ache!
Today (Saturday) is the first day that they were feeling "normal" and they even had enough energy to clean up the
ir bedrooms! In the afternoon, they went into town together to go to the toy store and bought themselves some models. Jordan bought "HMS Prince of Wales" 1:570 and Daniel a "Leopard 2 - German Battle Army Tank" 1:72. Aaron helped Daniel get started as he is an "old hand" at making model ships and airplanes and Jordan wanted to do it all by himself.
Three hours later and Daniel had finished his tank, including painting it. His very first completed model - well done, Daniel!!

Jordan is still working on his model........
and I will post it on here when he has completed it.

Yes, it's good to have all my children back under my roof......

Hugs all,


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