Thursday, 29 April 2010

Camera troubles

Help! I'm camera-less at the moment and have to take photos for my Project 365. What am I to do?

The battery on my small Panasonic Lumix is dead ......may it rest in peace....and normally I'd just recharge it.
But for some reason the battery recharger doesn't want to work and I don't know what is wrong with it. It's not the mains or the cable which means it has to be the recharger itself. I'm going to have to buy a new battery recharger and find someone that has a Lumix so I can at least recharge my battery until  it comes.

The hubster has a camera (Digital Nikon D50) and I would normally use that but Melissa took it to New Zealand with her and brought it back "kaput". The autofocus won't work and my eyes aren't that brilliant to focus it manually. I took some photos yesterday and although I thought they were in focus, once I downloaded them onto my computer, I noticed that they weren't clear at all. What a bummer! 

Look at the trees and bushes behind Mr D. - out of focus......

This one was okay but still not very sharp

This one (below) of Melissa was the only one that was clear and I was so close that it was probably impossible not to see and focus well :)

To do list:
  • Buy new recharger
  • Fix Mr D's camera
  • While we are fixing things we can also get my Pfaff sewing machine repaired
 My problems are really big aren't they? lol!!

Enjoy the day (it's summer weather here at the moment)

Hugs all,


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