Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back to being me

Well that took longer than I expected! I've never had a cold that needed a three week recovery but hey, I guess I'm no spring chicken anymore ;) It wasn't just the cold itself, I felt really down and depressed, and had absolutely no energy to do anything. But this week I have felt my energy levels rise and a motivation to get out and about. Even my ironing doesn't look so daunting ;)
I played squash with Melissa on Tuesday morning (she beat me), a game that I haven't played since High School, and had such bad muscle ache on Wednesday that I couldn't even walk up the stairs without moaning! I hurt in places that I didn't know existed! I went to the gym this morning and built up a good sweat on the treadmill while listening to some new music that I'd uploaded onto my iPod.
It feels good to be "me" again.

Well there's one thing to being sick and energyless - I got to read all the books that I'd ordered from Amazon and to watch some old episodes of Vampire Diaries, before season 2 starts next week. Yes, I love the vampire genre although I'm not really an Anne Rice fan - I'm more along the lines of Stephenie Meyer, LJ Smith and Sherilyn Kenyon.
Now that I haven't got any more books to read or programmes to watch, I have time to do the things that need doing.......

The kids have also been sick. Daniel was off school for a whole week (he went back yesterday) and Jordan started feeling bad on Monday.  Sore throat, runny we go again!

Jordan started his new guitar lessons last week -  every Thursday at 4.50pm. He aslo has re-started piano lessons with his Dad. He has such a good musical ear. Seminary also started again on Monday morning at 6 am - half an hour later than it was last year - and life and routine has kicked in for Jordan. Now he just has to get fit again.......

Melissa is in limbo at the moment. School doesn't start for another three weeks so she is going through books like a book worm. She has finally been bitten by the book bug - welcome to the Gray family! I am pleasantly surprised how quickly she is finishing the books and they are in English too! Well English is her mother tongue.... She is busy in the evenings with volleyball training, institute and choir. She has her first lesson with a vocal coach tomorrow. She is excited.....

Well I just wanted to let you know that I am "me" again and that you can look forward to some regular blogging again. I may even get around to uploading the other parts of our UK trip.....I know, don't fall over in shock!!! LOL!

See you soon.



  1. Glad you are feeling better. Have you read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The series is fantastic I just finished the 3rd book Mockingjay. Well, I am off to Italy in the morning. Frank has work there for the next 2 weeks and I get to go along. My mom is going to watch the boys. I hope your boys feel better soon. Kelleyn

  2. Thanks! I'll have a look into those books and enjoy your trip to Italy. Hope you have a great time.