Monday, 27 September 2010

A night out

On Saturday evening the hubster and I went out to a concert to see "The Gershwin Piano Quartett". It was amazing - four grand pianos set out on the stage with four pianists entertaining us with pieces like "Rhapsody in Blue", "I've got Rhythm" and Cole Porter's "Night and Day". Roland's favourite was Ravel's "La Valse".

The music was innovative and the interaction and rapport the four pianists had with each other was fantastic. You could tell they were really enjoying themselves as they lost themselves to the rest of the audience. They were rewared with a standing ovation and we were likewise rewarded with three encore pieces. I was pleasantly surprised how much I really enjoyed the evening and it even brought back some memories of the music my dad liked to listen to. Thanks honey! xx

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  1. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to go out and enjoy such an evening filled with music. I cherish moments like these because they are so rare.