Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Lately Melissa and I have been listening to the musical "Wicked" and one of our favourite songs is "Popular". It is so catchy and we love it! If you get the chance to listen to do then do so :)

Funnily enough I've been thinking about popularity these past few days.
Is being popular all it's cut out to be? Does it bring disadvantages with it? What happens when because your so popular your guy friends want to be more than just friends and you have to stop being so open and unguarded with them? What do you do when people tell you that "you just shine" when asked what it is that makes the guys fall over themselves?  What do you do when you spend so much of the evening or activity saying " hi" and having people say "hi" to you (because you know so many people) that you don't have time to talk to the real cute guy you have your eye on? Do you then wish that you weren't so popular?
Personally, I never had this problem! I was never popular. I had my close group of friends but I was never in the "really cool" group. The guys I liked hardly ever liked me and the ones that did I didn't have any interest in; except for two guys that weren't members of the church - typical eh? But I guess that is all irrelevant now as Roland found me and whisked me away to Switzerland at the tender age of 18! ;)
But seeing popularity from this other side has made me realise that it's not always as easy as we assume it to be. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side......

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  1. I also didn't have this problem of being popular. Not that I wasn't like or anything, but I wasn't in what was considered in the in crowd. I just wanted to be friends with everyone. Same thing with the guy situation though I never lacked for a boyfriend. While I shed more than my fair share of tears, I am glad that Heavenly Father knew me best and had me wait for the perfect guy. I think being popular is not what it is cracked up to be given what I have seen from my high school reunions.