Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Boys and girls

School, homework, tennis, athletics, seminary, mutual, work, housework, aerobics, meetings, music practice, church assignments, worries, bills, dentist appointments, MRI's, pysiotherapy, car pooling, more worries, etc., the list goes on and on.
I imagine this list looks very similar to that of a lot of families with a few kids still at home. Thank goodness I don't have to do it all at once, other wise I'd be overwhelmed before even getting out of bed in the morning!
Life is so different with teenagers (although Daniel at nearly 11 doesn't fit into this category - yet!) than it was with babies and toddlers. With the hectic of small kids came a routine that forced planning. Now that life has slowed down (although looking at the list above I realise that it hasn't slowed down, it's just different)I find myself sometimes lost in the free time that I have available. What is my priority today? What needs my attention? Does it really matter if I don't do it today? Can it wait until tomorrow? I find myself procrastinating and I don't like it. Life needs a structure and I realise that mine needs restructuring. The foundation is safe and good, so I just need to remodel it a bit.
I'll let you know how my remodeling is coming along :)

Here are some photos of the boys on a typical Wednesday afternoon.

The hubster showing Jordan how to play a piece on the piano.

Jordan playing "Nearer My God To Thee" - can't you tell?!

I'm grateful that I have at least one girl and I think we "planned" it pretty well in having our girl first. I love spending time with Melissa! I'd say she is one of my closest friends. We have a very open relationship and she knows how I tick. Even though our time together limited, I am glad that she is following her dreams and enjoying life.
This is Melissa with her friend Roseanne at a YSA autumn ball.

Gotta go - Daniel wants me to play a game with him.

Hugs all,

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