Friday, 11 December 2009

New snow

All of the snow that we got a couple of weeks ago had melted away and I thought, "oh, what a shame Barbara won't get to see any snow!" Well, think again! It's snowing and the forecast says its going to snow all day.
This morning Melissa and I went up to Speicher to renew her passport (she's off to New Zealand in February) and the snow up there was falling thick and fast. We were out of the car for only 10 minutes and when we returned the windscreen was full of snow. Down here in Speicherschwendi (300m lower than Speicher) we only have a sprinkling of snow but that won't be all if it continues to snow as forecasted. Thank goodness we have winter tyres on our car!

Look how funny the green trees look in the snow.

We will be picking Barbara up from the ariport tomorrow morning, so I hope the roads will be okay.
Barb will be sleeping in Jordan's room and by the looks of it at the moment, he has a lot of tidying to do before she comes. Daniel's room doesn't look much better so he'll be cleaning up his as well.

Laundry is calling!!

Bye for now. Rebecca

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