Friday, 18 December 2009


What at week that was!! On Friday (11th Dec.) Barb called me to tell me that Auntie Ellen had taken a turn for the worse and that it was only a matter of time! Well Barb flew in on Saturday and before we could even get home from the airport David rang letting us know that Auntie Ellen had passed away at 05.20 that morning! :(
Well that was a shocker! Barb and I spent the majority of the afternoon and evening on Skype talking to David and then later with Mum and Keith. Because Barbara's flight was an economy saver ticket she couldn't change the flight and there was no point me going over without Barbara. Barb, Dave and I are executors of Auntie Ellen's will making it obligatory for all of us to be there.
Dave was booking a flight to be in England on Monday to start arranging the funeral and cleaning up her estate, and Barbara and I would fly out the following Saturday (which is tomorrow).
The funeral is planned for Monday, 21st December at 10.00 am. I will then fly home on Christmas Eve, meaning that I will miss Daniel's birthday on Tuesday,

That meant that I had to get everything ready for Christmas 5 days earlier than planned! Barb and I have baked until our backs are aching, we've shopped until we've dropped and I've washed and ironed until I can't stand the sight of the iron and ironing board!

On Sunday evening we all went to the Christmas concert of Roland's music school in Rorschach. It went really well and got us into the Christmas spirit. We'd decorated the tree that afternoon.

On Monday, Barb and I went to see New Moon - again! It was cool! I can never get enough of Robert Pattinson. Obsessed, I know!! :)

We went into St. Gallen on Wednesday afternoon and froze our butts off :) It's been snowing and the temperatures have dropped a lot. We looked at the Christmas market and did some of the tourist stops.

Here is one of the shop windows in St. Gallen - selling chocolate - what else!! Well, we are in Switzerland.
Well I'm off to pack my stuff for England. See you next week!

Hugs all,

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