Saturday, 30 January 2010

More snow!

Just when I thought the snow was going it came again with avengence!! I am slowly getting sick of it. Yes, I know it's good for tourism and all that but if I could have my way the snow would be gone with the snap of my fingers! You can see how bad/good life here is, if all I have to complain about is the snow. Everything else is more or less okay. The hubster is nearly better after his head cold and nobody else has been sick - fingers crossed it stays that way.
The weeks are just flowing one into another. I can hardly believe that January is almost over - where has it gone? Luckily for me I can tell you; all I have to do is go to my project 365 album .....hehe!!!
Week 4 has now been completed. This evening I said to Mr D, "I'm just going to print out my week's photos and journal them, it shouldn't take me long." Well, three hours and 4 phone call interuptions later, I am finished. Looking at the journal entries I can only say that we've had a rather uneventful week. Sorry to say it, but it's true. Week 4 of January wasn't anything special!
Here are some photos I took this week:

POTD for Sunday. These are the flowers that Mr D got for his concert on Saturday. They are so beautiful and look lovely on the table. (oops, just realised that these two photos were on last weeks blog - oh well, they are so pretty they can be seen twice!)

Daniel took the POTD on Monday - his Daddy. Then he took one of me making a salad for the hubster.

This was the weather on Monday. It was foggy and miserable but the snow was starting to melt :)
POTD for Tuesday - Brownies. I had so many eggs and I just knew that I had to do some baking. I'd made cookies on Saturday so I decided on brownies. I made one batch for us and another for our neighbours. Both parties appreciated them and I was happy to use up 8 eggs! :)

POTD for Thursday - Jordan shoveling the new snow off the driveway. Thank goodness we have Jordan. He is a star!

Here is Daniel eating brownies in the office - a tidied up office, mind you. It was such a mess, you couldn't even see the desk anymore except infront of the keyboard. I just wish it would stay tidy (big sigh). He was just starting a game of "Need for speed" and yes, he is in his underwear as his trousers got wet with playing in the snow. I tried to get him to at least put some pyjama bottoms on, but no, he was fine as he was!

Melissa wasn't feeling too well on Friday so she came home from work and spent the day on the sofa. Here she is playing with DANIEL'S Nintendo DS!!!! He wasn't too impressed that she took it without asking. But her logic was - he was at school and so she couldn't ask him :)

POTD for Saturday. We woke up to more new snow. Jordan shoveled again :) Can I say "I wish it were April"?

I made some more cards this week but I can't show the majority of them as they are going to be family birthday cards. But here are two that aren't family cards:

The hubster and the two younger kids are now off school for a week. We plan to go skiing a couple of times, go to the wellness park (sauna etc) and hopefully get a group of friends to go bowling on Friday to celebrate Mr D's birthday. Yes, the hubster will be 47 on Friday!!!! He's getting old....hehe!! Melissa flies out to New Zealand for 3 weeks on Wednesday evening with her friend Susanna. This place is going to be soooo quiet.

Hope you all have a great week. Until next time......

Hugs all,


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