Thursday, 3 June 2010

laundry rules

I've come to realise that my kids believe that I am solely there to see to their needs and that I, quote, " don't have anything else to do anyway!" Nice eh?

Here's an example, yesterday I was doing the laundry. My kids know that if they want their clothes washing then they have to place their laundry baskets outside of their doors and then I'll know to wash them (trying to teach them responsibility). I was doing our stuff plus Jordan and Daniel's as they'd placed their baskets outside their rooms. I was sure Melissa and Aaron had laundry but they know the rules!
The poor washer and tumbler had been on the go all day when Aaron came home at around 6, soaking wet in the last pair of clean jeans and "kindly" informed me that his basket was now outside his door! This usually means that all contents should be washed, tumbled and ironed before the next morning!! (He went to seminary in sweats). Six o'clock is okay, it's usually around nine that he "informs" me that his basket is ready. I felt that this was an improvement!
Well Melissa came home from insitute last night at 10.20pm and said, "oh by the way, I need this, this and this ready for tomorrow" and then went to bed! I felt like throwing something at her! I'd just put a load in when she came home so I had to wait until 11.00 until that load was finished to put her stuff in. 
I'm sure they think I live to only serve them!  The hubster has a saying, "a lack of planning on your part doesn't justify an emergency on my part". Next time she'll have to do it herself; I'm just too soft.....

So.....ranting over.....back to the ironing......


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