Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Week 2 and 3

Today I went into town for two things, one to take Aaron's Macbook to see if it can be fixed and two, to see if anybody stocked Copic markers. Well it looks like they will be able to fix his laptop but they will have to install a new hard-drive ($) as the one inside was "mush" due to Aaron's cleverness in swiping a magnet (all be it by accident) across his Macbook. Just that you know, NEVER, NEVER let a magnet anywhere near your laptop.

But I had no luck finding any Copic markers in St. Gallen, all they had were Touch markers so I bought a couple of those so that when my Magnolia stamps arrive, I can colour in their faces. I can use my Distress inks for the rest. I ordered 5 stamps and they are so cute and the postage from Sweden was only Sfr. 5.10 - not bad at all! I can't wait for them to arrive!!!!

The view coming home from town was spectacular; I just had to stop the car and shoot this photo with my mobile phone. Sorry if the quality isn't good.

I have completed the second week of my project 365 and I am finding it quite easy. I just have to train my mind to remember to take a photo per day.

I thought I might as well load the two cards that I quickly made for Melissa's birthday. I was playing around with the distress inks, which are the background papers on the cards and I decided to emboss and distress the tags.

BTW, Melissa's party went well and they all seemed to have fun, although for our liking it was too loud for too long. At 3am I had to go and tell them to lower the level down and this was with earplugs. They were playing Activity!! Thank goodness the hubster and I could take a nap on Sunday afternoon, otherwise we would be dead. Although Mr D is now sporting a cold and is feeling quite out of sorts, so fingers crossed that he doesn't pass his bugs around! :)

Hugs all,


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  1. Spectacular photo and lovely birthday cards - Barb