Thursday, 14 January 2010

Melissa turns 19

What's so special about the 13th January, you might ask yourself? Well, it's the day that our baby girl was born. Melissa Anne Diezi was born on a Sunday at 5.10 pm after a very long 15 1/2 hours of labour weighing 3450g and 50 cm long. She had blue eyes and dark hair.
Here she is at 3 weeks:
Here she is at 6 months:

And now she is 19! Where on earth did the time go? It only seems like yesterday that we were celebrating her 18th birthday and what do you know, it's January 13 again!

She took the day off work and spent it leisurely. She got up at 9.30 and took a nice bath and then we had breakfast together - croissants! She's asked for mexican for lunch so I made some chicken tortillas and we made wraps. After lunch, we went into town to do some birthday shopping. She'd already had her main birthday present in November - some special shoes for work - Joya shoes to help with her back problems. Since wearing these she hasn't had any more backaches. They are a sister company to MBT shoes.

So after dragging a "screaming" Daniel out of the house, we went into town to do some girly shopping - poor Daniel. Well it's not my fault that it was Wednesday afternoon and he didn't have school. Jordan had gone to a friends house and I didn't want to leave Daniel alone.
She got some clothes and some make-up and some very expensive Estée Lauder Idealist skin refinisher. I hope it does its job! :)
When we came home we had some cake - a black forest gateaux - and then she left for Institute.

She is having a party/sleep over on Saturday and has invited about 15 of her friends. We're getting rid of Daniel and Jordan so we'll have the space to put people. It's Singles Ward on Sunday and they will all have brunch at our place and go together. I'll let you know how we survive - thank goodness I've got ear plugs! :)

I'm off to tend Stephanie's twins this afternoon.....I'm excited and anxious at the same time.

See you later.



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  1. It doesn't seem 5 minutes since those first photo's, she is so cute. There again she still is :) Barb