Sunday, 24 January 2010

Capturing the moments of life

Doing this project of taking a photo per day has made me look at life in a new perspective. I am now taking photos of LIFE; the day to day little activities that wouldn't normally get noticed or documented. Seeing Daniel eating cereal is such a common occurence in our family life that nobody notices it, but that's exactly what I want to capture with this project - the moments of life.

When we look back in 20 years what will we remember? Now thanks to this project at least 2010 will be documented in detail.
It's fun to take photos and then decide which one will be the "POTD" (photo of the day). The kids are asked for their opinion and I'm glad they are interested in what goes into the album.

Monday's POTD
-->(Aaron watching TV with the family)
Friday's POTD
--> (Melissa's birthday roses)

On Wednesday I went to Stephanie's again to help out with the twins in Gais. She went shopping and left me with the girls. They were a little fussy and as I only have two hands I had to somehow sooth both of them at the same time, so somehow I managed to get both of them onto my chest where they settled down and fell asleep. The day was gorgeous again and I just had to take a shot of the Alpstein and Säntis. We live in a lovely part of Switzerland.

Saturday morning was spent making chocolate chip cookies for Christian L. He was in NY for a couple of months and I had some craft stuff sent to his place and he brought it home with him a few weeks ago. He was visiting his brother, Mark and I wanted to make some cookies to say thank you. The house smelled lovely and it was so hard not to eat any. I hate diets!!!!
There was only one left on Sunday morning - I have a lot of cookies monsters living in my house.

This was my POTD for Saturday

Thursday's POTD was my finished Tilda card. I'm very pleased the way it turned out. The stamps are so cute!

Saturday evening the hubster had a concert with his women's choir in Goldach. The evening was really entertaining and I really enjoyed myself. Roland is an excellent conducter and it was pure entertainment just watching him lead the women. They sang pieces like "New York, New York", "I will follow him", "Barbara Ann", "Haliluja" and so on. Of course, he got flowers, which meant I got flowers :) Aren't they pretty? The photo below is my POTD for Sunday.

After church Jordan invited his friend, Tizian Forrer back to our place for lunch and here they are gaming. Aaron is still in his suit!

Life is good and I am content.

Hugs all,



  1. I love it! Did you design it, or did you find it somewhere online? And I love the new Project Life you're doing - it really makes me stop and think about the day to day things I take for granted. You're amazing! :)

  2. Hi Diana! I found the blog background and banner on "", I just had to add my own photo to it (the roses).
    I'm loving the project.
    How are you and Ammon doing? And Clara -I bet she's getting big?!
    Could you give me access to view your blog?

  3. Oh I love that site! I've used some of their backgrounds before.

    Sure! You should have an invite in your email by now for my blog.

    We're doing great - missing our Swiss friends, of course. :) Clara is a pro at the army crawl now. She can get around pretty fast when she's motivated - like when she's going for her Dad's laptop! :)