Saturday, 9 January 2010

Project 365

There are rare times when I wish that I lived in the US and most of these times are connected with crafts and scrapbooking. Most things that I want I can get on eBay and postage isn't too bad due to the low dollar/swiss exchange rate. But there are times like at the moment when I can't get what I want because they are just too expensive to ship. For example, I saw "Project Life" on Becky Higgins blog and knew that I wanted it. The kit is only $39.95 and for what you get, is really decent. I had a look to see what shipping to Switzerland would be and could you believe it, it was $118! What - how much?!
I was so frustrated! I find something that I really like and know I could do and only the cost of getting it here was stopping me! ARGGHHHH!!
I put my thinking cap on and while talking to a friend, came up the idea to buy one anyway and have it sent to David and Ann's in Utah and have Mum bring it home with her in May. She is planning on visiting me in July (first of all she wanted to come in March but I told her she had to wait until after her US visit so she could bring some stuff over for me!!). BTW, postage to Utah was only $13 - quite a difference eh?
The idea was good but not brilliant as it meant that I couldn't start the project until next January. What to do now?
Well, I put my thinking cap back on and came up with a compromise. Becky Higgins had made a kit last year called Project 365, so I emailed her and asked her if she could send me some pdf files of the journal and week cards from last year's kit, which she gladly, and from my side gratefully did.
I bought a 3 ring scrapbook binder and some 4x6 photo refills and decided to make my own "Project 365" with Becky's journaling and week cards which I would print out. It'll be a lot more expensive to do it this way but better that than nothing.

I couldn't decide whether to start on January 1st, which was a Friday, or to wait until the Sunday to start the first full week of January; I decided to go for the Sunday.
I couldn't wait until the week was over to start filling the album, so I took what I had and got cracking on Friday. It was fun to journal my thoughts to the different photos, even if the journaling is small. I wonder how I will do with this project, whether or not it will get too much for me. Time will tell.

This is my title page. It's strange that the lighting on my flash has made the bottom right card a different colour to the card on the middle left - they are actually the same colour. The one on the left is the true colour. Anyway......

I'm going to take my camera to church with me tomorrow and see if I can find a "picture of the day" there. Wish me luck!

Hugs all,


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