Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter weekend - Friday

We just had to go out today. The weather was lovely and the lake, Lake Contstance that is or Bodensee as it's called in German, beckoned us to its shores. Jordan was the only one we could motivate - Melissa had to work and Daniel and Aaron wanted to stay at home.

The air was still a bit fresh but nothing that a light jacket wouldn't fix (I don't like the cold, have I mentioned that before?). 

We drove to Uttwil, which is about half an hour away from home and walked the 7 km to Altnau and then took the regional train back to the car in Uttwil. The path took us along the shore and we had a clear view over into Germany. The snow capped mountains were also very clear and it was majestic looking out onto the Austrian and Swiss alps while we were walking. The water was so blue and made us wish for even higher temperatures so that we could go swimming. We found a new place that even had sand (see the last photo) and we "bookmarked" it in our memories so that we can go there in the summer.

It was nice just having one child with us for a change - we could really listen to what he had to say and talk about things that are important to him at the moment. It's scary how quickly our children are growing up.......

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