Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Is it possible to save money by spending money? I say yes but the hubster says no. He says it doesn't make sense because you are indeed handing money over for a certain product thus not saving anything at all, but my logic is if I'm going to buy it anyway and I can get it cheaper then I have saved money? Right? What do you think?
If I order some Levi's from the States and have them sent to my brother in Utah (my mum will bring them home with her and I will get them in July) and spend $50 and save at least $50 compared to the price here in Switzerland, then I think I've done a good deal. Yes, I 've spent $50 but I've also saved. Plus it's hard finding Mr D's size, so I win! :)
I'm also ordering a Cuttlebug machine - I've wanted one for ages but I wasn't paying $50 shipping to Switzerland. Amy (my niece who lives in OH) is also coming to England this summer so I've asked her for some of her luggage space, which she has kindly agreed to. I'm saving loads of money at the moment ......cough cough.... ;)

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