Thursday, 8 April 2010

Out and about in Thurgau

The hubster has a little booklet called "On foot through Eastern Switzerland" with 45 family hikes/walks in its pages. Today (Tuesday) we decided to make a day trip using one of the routes found in the book. We had wanted to take a trip to Obersee in Glarus but after taking a look at the local webcam and seeing that it was still covered in snow, we had to find a different outing. We decided on the first tour in the book which would take us into Thurgau, the apple region of the country.
Our starting point was the tiny village of "Berg", which was in the middle of nowhere. It was even too small to find on our GPS and so I had to use my skills at map reading to get us there. Mr D and I had a small tiff when he insulted my map reading capabilities but we got there in the end! :)

We left the car and started our journey. The first thing of interest was a castle with foundations dating back from 1183. The building that was there now had been built in the 17th century and was currently being used as a retirement home! Not bad, eh? I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my days in a place like that. There is a lovely park to walk around and they have views to die for .......oops, perhaps that was a bit of a bad joke but you get my drift!

This photo doesn't do the view any real justice. Sadly, you can't get the same effect without seeing the alps with your own eyes. I could have sat and looked at them the whole day and not get bored.

Our outings always need some sticks. The hubster always has his knife with him and is always called upon to find and then make the right stick for each of the children.

Jordan had also taken his Swiss army knife with him and all of them argued who should have the knife next!!!

After about an hour and a half of walking we found the pick-nick place mentioned in the booklet. It was great. It had a barbecue pit, two wooden tables and benches, stacked wood and even a rubbish bin! Don't you just love Switzerland.....

Jordan and Daniel found a cool tree to climb and it wasn't long before Melissa had to show her prowess at tree climbing and wasn't to be outdone by her brothers!!

After we'd barbecued and eaten our sausages, I decided to enjoy the sunshine 
and have a lie down on the table we weren't using.

Mr D and the kids then took turns on a tree trunk and posed for the camera:

Joan .....I mean Melissa of Arc

Ninja Melissa

My name is Bond......Daniel Bond.....!!

Don't we look cool sucking our lolly-pops?!?!

This tiny hamlet of Ottoberg, (it was too small to be called a village) was about three quarters into our journey. It looked like time had stood still and we didn't want to make a lot of noise in case we woke it up. Funnily enough, when I got home and looked at the booklet again, this was an identical picture that was featured in the book. Am I good or what?

The kids were dead on their feet by the time we got to the train station in Märstetten and Daniel was not very pleased. We took the train to Weinfelden and then had to change trains to get us back to Berg. Due to some mistake, we ended up taking the inter-city to Kreuzlingen instead of the regio-train to Kreuzlingen. The inter-city didn't stop at Berg, so once we arrived in Kreuzlingen, the hubster took the regio-train back to Weinfelden (which stopped at Berg) while we stayed where we were. Thirty minutes later he picked us up and then we drove home. It was a long day and we were really tired (we'd been on the go for over 8 hours) but we'd enjoyed ourselves, even if we stank like smoked sausages!! :)

Holidays are great........

Hugs all,


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