Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter weekend - Saturday

The hubster took off on his own today. He got up at 7am, leaving me in my nice warm bed and went into the Alpstein, which is the last mountain range of the Swiss alps.
He started his hike in Brülisau (900m above sea level) and made his way up to Sämtisersee (1200m). After about another 100m height difference it became too difficult to walk in the snow, so he changed into his snow-shoes (a birthday present from me from 2008). By that time the wind became really strong and it forced him to turn around and have his back face the wind. He said it was like getting your face "lifted"!!! LOL!!
His destination for the day was Fälensee (1400m) / Bollenwees and it was still like deep winter up there.
On his trip up he never saw a soul, except (luckily for him) a friendly dog sitting outside an alpine hut. Then on his way down, sometime after midday, he finally saw some other hikers making there way up.
Mr D loves taking off and going on hikes. Most holidays he has one day to himself where he gets to do the kind of hikes that are too much for me. It does him good and it seems to balance him out. It works well for us.....

 Getting a little taste of the fierce wind....

all alone.....

The two mountain peaks above the cross are called "Kreuzberge" which translated means "Cross Mountains".  Quite appropriate, don't you think?                                       
 Sämtisersee with the Säntis in the background

The small village of Weissbad

He came home at around 2.30pm which was a lot earlier than I expected, and we were just finishing off lunch (we eat lunch later in the holidays as we get up so late and only have breakfast at around 11). I was planning to do some grocery shopping after I'd cleaned up the kitchen but Roland asked if I would wait for him to grab something to eat so he could join me. 
It was an interesting trip!
I usually take less than an hour to do my shopping but today it took me double as long! :) The hubster is so slow and we bought more that I would have done if I were alone. I think we also spent double!! Don't get me wrong, it was fun to do the shopping together, and we had no other appointments for the day so we had time but it was just amusing to me to see how long it took us. It gave us a taste of life to come when he is retired......


  1. Wow!!! That is absolutely beautiful! It makes me miss Switzerland so much. I wish we had had more time to explore on foot, so I can't wait till we can visit again! We'll have to call you up to ask what the best hiking spots are. :) Amazing pictures, too.

  2. Roland has a wealth of info at his finger tips. He's definitely the nature guru. Let us know when you plan to come over...