Sunday, 18 April 2010

Movies, babies and volcanoes

As I mentioned on my previous blog entry, we went to see "How to train your dragon" on Tuesday. Jordan decided not to join us as a friend called him about an hour before we were to go out and invited him to spend the day with him and have a sleep-over. 
So it was just Daniel and myself, and we had a great time together and really enjoyed the movie. I especially enjoyed the music.We watched it in German as they didn't have an English showing. In a way I'm glad for Daniel that it wasn't available in English as a lot of it was in Scottish English and he would have had a hard time understanding it. I think I might buy the dragon book series by Cressida Cowell for Daniel to read.

Don't we look silly in our 3D glasses?!

On Friday Stephanie came around with the twins and we all had fun playing with Eleanor and Liora. We all reverted to speaking baby language and didn't care that we sounded stupid! The babies smelled gorgeous - you know the lovely baby smell that they have! I could smell them on my clothes even after they left. 

On Wednesday a volcano errupted in Iceland and has been causing problems for northern Europe's air space. All flights out of Switzerland were grounded as of Friday at midnight and will probably continue to be so until Tuesday. Thousands of people are stranded. We been told that the situation could get worse as the eruptions from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano could continue for months, causing unprecedented travel chaos.

Almost two-thirds of all transatlantic flights into European airports were cancelled and authorities shut down airspace over France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia and Hungary. As the cloud moved east, flights were halted at Frankfurt, Europe's third-busiest airport, and at 10 other German airports.
In Iceland, the volcano continued to erupt, but volcanologists said it was less explosive than at the beginning of the eruption on Wednesday, which blasted glassy abrasive ash, destructive to jet engines, eight miles into the sky. The plume is now rising to a height of just three miles, and volcanologists said this would deposit ash only in Iceland and surrounding waters. It is not high enough to travel thousands of miles across Britain and the rest of Europe.
My thoughts go out to the many people that are stranded and can't get home. I hope this cloud clears up soon because this is going to have massive effect on the economy and trade is going to suffer. This is rather worrying......

Hope you all have a good start to the new week and let's pray that the wind blows strongly and that it rains.

Hugs all,


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