Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My shoulder

I went back to the orthopedic doctor this morning to find out what the results of my MRI were. I have torn a tendon but luckily for me it wasn't the tendon the doctor had originally thought it could be. He thought it was the Supraspinatus tendon, which would require surgery but as I said, luckily for me, it is the Long biceps tendon which connects the biceps to the shoulder blade which has a small tear. This won't require surgery but will need physiotherapy twice weekly for at least the next six weeks. The orthopedist wants to see me again in six weeks to see if the physio is doing its job; if not then he wants to give me cortisone injections - which I don't want!!

I have noticed an improvement in mobility the past few weeks, so I am hoping for a full, speedy recovery without the assistance of any steriods.

Just a note: my computer crashed the other day (after Aaron took it to a LAN-party) and I don't know if all my data has been lost. I haven't done a back-up for a few months (I know, silly me!) and am afraid that all of my photos have gone!! Boo-hoo!!
A friend, an IT specialist, is taking a look at it for me but it doesn't look good.....

It's still spring break here so the boys and I are going to watch "How to train your dragon" at the cinema this afternoon. Hope you too have a lovely day......

Hugs all,


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  1. Cortisone injections aren't too bad (I had to get several in my back). The relief is almost instantaneous, so that's definitely a nice part of it.